Location | Roma
Date | 1993 – 1994
Client | Centro Culturale Islamico Italiano
Design | Arch. Paolo Portoghesi

The project for the Mosque of Rome and the relationship with architect Paolo Portoghesi has represented a key step for the growth of the know-how and of the structure of Devoto. Being side-to-side with such an important and international architect for the realization of a project so rich in symbolic meaning and with such a unique style, made it possible for Devoto to broaden its technical and stylistic horizon, matching its carpentry knowledge with the experience of the traditional Islamic architecture.

Among our works: the main central gates (up to 8 m height!), the common prayer rooms and the interiors of the Study Centre Library.

The choice of wood essences was the result of a specific analysis: exotic essences together with local ones were perfect to outline the furniture of pure geometries with decorative details and evocative chromatic patterns.

The most remarkable example is that of the tables and chairs of the Study Centre, entirely built to drawings in cherry wood, while their edges and patterns are in palm tree wood.