Location | La Valletta, Malta
Date | 2017
Client | Arkadia Group ltd
Design | Archea Associati

Is-Suq Tal Belt is the building situated in the center of Valletta and hosting the city food market designed by Archea Associati for Arkadia Group. The project consisted of the restyling of this three-stored building, newly named after the motto ‘Cook Eat Relax’.
The underground level keeps the typical soul of the city market, where all kinds of food and drinks are directly sold to the customers. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to the preparation and sale of different kinds of meals, to be enjoyed and tasted on the upper floor, an open space where visitors can relax and interact.
The style core of this project is the typical Maltese shutter that covers all the market walls and creates a filter for different activities. The concept reminds of the old Valletta market, which used to be held from 1600 to 1995.

Devoto Design took care of the engineering and manufacturing of this wooden skin of the building: the extendable shutter modules, operated by a rocket-closing electric system for the single stalls and the fixed modules that cover the rest of the walls to give the place a style consistency.
Devoto Design also took care of other fit-out items on the underground floor such as shelving systems, counters and other elements that are essential to the activities carried out there.

Photo Credit: Pietro Savorelli