Location | Roma
Date | 2003
Client | Lamaro Appalti S.pA.
Design | Lamaro Appalti S.pA. – Devoto S.pA.

In 2003 the Foundation Silvano Toti donated an open-air theatre to Rome, in one of the green areas in the heart of the city: Villa Borghese.

The starting idea of the project verged on the creation of a place dedicated to art, respecting the environment and the area, with the characteristics of total reversibility, without binding the area permanently.

The Globe Theatre of Rome, with 1200 seats and its circular balconies, recalls the style and layout of the Elizabethan theatre in London, where Shakespeare’s plays used to be performed. Its traditional nature is supported by a strong technological identity: we are talking about a self-bearing structure, built in only 3 months, made of chestnut solid wood and completely removable, thanks to the use of technical duraluminum joints.

Devoto acted as a technical consultant for Lamaro Appalti, produced and installed the theatre, using only wood coming from certified woods that run forest-planting projects.

Photo credit: Devoto