Location | Roma
Date | 2013
Client | Privato
Design |Studio LabARK

The D.O.M is a five stars hotel via Giulia in the heart of Rome, inside the district of Regola, a few steps away from Piazza Navona. This hotel has the typical atmosphere of a noble Italian residence and stems from an extremely sophisticated design that melts with the pre-existing structures. Wooden bricks and XVIth century marble inscriptions come together with tailored-made furniture and selected design elements. The presence of the original Andy Warhol prints from the “Ladies and Gentleman” series inside the hall clad with moulded black oak wood panels welcomes the guests in an international but at the same time Roman environment.

The contrast between light and shadow is perceived in every interior design element. This dualism is conveyed through the choice of the materials: the oak and ash wood finished with a black matt coating match with beveled mirror elements and stainless steel elements, built-on-project.

Photo credit: courtesy of Studio Labark