Location | Firenze
Date | 2017
Client | Coco-Mat
Design | Devoto Design

With COCO PLACES Coco-mat has widened its horizon and developed into a broader concept of HOME, creating a 360° living space. The concept of kitchen and of living room, flanked by the Coco-mat world dedicated to bed and rest, completes the image of the home, embracing every moment of life. For this project, Devoto Design has conceived and realized the kitchenettes and the bathroom furniture, inspired by an image of naturalness and sustainability that Coco-mat products evoke.

In line with the aesthetics of their products, the design reflects a friendly, evocative and non-hostile image and excludes the use of aggressive materials, hi-tech, metal finishes, exposed ironmongery, crystal elements and technical accessories. The choice of recyclable raw materials was very important. The kitchen was built quickly and without waste of materials, it can be disassembled and easily transported, allowing high levels of flexibility and customization of the configuration: the elements were designed to create new spaces, involving guests in the management of the anti-waste systems and consequent leverage personal responsibility, without neglecting its enjoyment.

Photo Credit: courtesy of Coco-Mat