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Devoto Food Service Design: from concept design development to material and construction consulting. From executive design to the turnkey realization of the furnishings… Today we have decided to tell you about our latest “Food” project, born from the entrepreneurial idea of the well-known wine company Feudi San Gregorio and developed by our team at Capodichino airport in Naples.

MARENNÀ ASSAGGI was born from the desire to offer the possibility to those who are just passing through the airport to discover a piece of Irpinia and take it home. (Antonio Capaldo, President Feudi di San Gregorio)

Marennà Assaggi: Devoto Food Service Design

The Feudi winery, which already owns a restaurant, is also the owner of a “food” space inside Naples’ airport. Recently, it has decided to redesign and renew this very space. The “Marennà Assaggi” project was born, therefore, from these needs:

  • RETHINK THE AREAS of consumption, as well as:
  • REDEFINE THE DESIGN of the venue

The constant presence of travelling customers representing multiple and fragmented international targets passing through the airport space while waiting for or returning from a trip, has determined the variety and richness of the food proposal, well announced by the choice of the naming “Assaggi” (Tastings):

  • CAFETERIA with breakfasts
  • TAKE AWAY and fast food with gourmet sandwiches
  • RESTAURANT: formula adopted by those who have time to eat seated

As you can imagine, it was extremely complex to give a unique and recognizable identity to a place that has so many souls expressed by multiple culinary offers. In addition to this, the culinary proposals change several times a day with respect to the time of day and the time the customer can spend inside.

WORKING IN COLLABORATION WITH DEVOTO allowed us to recreate the concept of the Marennà Restaurant in Irpinia at the airport, transferring all the values and contents that distinguish us to what is by definition a “non-place”. (Antonio Capaldo, President Feudi di San Gregorio)

FROM A FUNCTIONAL POINT OF VIEW, Marennà has been designed to accommodate and “satisfy” all types of customers passing through the Capodichino airport…

Marennà Assaggi: live a gastronomic experience in the airport

The room, near large windows, occupies a large space that offers passengers the possibility to enjoy a full view.  Inside, the following are clearly visible:

  • THE CURVED COUNTER covered in vertical beech rounded staves and painted in color, excellent for a fast consumption.
  • APERIMETER SURFACE made of expanded metal sheets and iron profiles painted in matt black overlooks the counter.
  • THE RETROBANK, composed of shelves and closed compartments, is characterized by the same elements.
  • MEASURED TABLES in wood and “Carrara” marble, “Furlani” seats and “Magis” stools, perfect for those who have time to sit down and enjoy without haste the delicious dishes prepared by renowned chefs.

They complete the furnishing of the premises:

  • BLACK MATT PAINTED IRON FLOWERS that delimit the space
  • IMPORTANT COLUMNS clad in iron profiles and expanded metal that serve as elegant displays of San Gregorio’s wines and main products.
  • Well-arranged REFRIGERATION COUNTERS with attractive packaging for those in need of a snack.

THROUGH A PROPOSAL OF QUALITY, and with the recipes of our chef, we want to invite those who arrive to discover what there is beyond the most famous landscapes of Campania. And we want to leave to those who are leaving a last memory of the “enogastronomical story” of this very rich land, while inviting everyone to come back as soon as possible… (Antonio Capaldo, President Feudi di San Gregorio)

Design, space arrangement and “genius loci”

The spaces of Marennà Assaggi have been distributed in such a way that they are easily visible, usable and reachable:

FROM THE DESIGN POINT OF VIEW, the challenge was to connect the different parts of the venue in a coherent and functional way…

For this reason, our development team has focused on “territoriality” and on what the Latins called “genius loci” to define a unique and recognizable “character”.

GENIUS LOCI is a “transversal” term that indicates the characteristics of an environment closely intertwined with the man and the habits with which he lives this environment… With the locution of genius loci is intended to identify the set of socio-cultural, architectural, language, habits that characterize a place … (source: Wikipedia)  

Marennà Assaggi was, therefore, designed to be a place able to propose and reflect the values of the land of origin of its company, the Campania region. A place able to propose typical and organic products in a context with a strong visual impact able to attract and seduce visitors.

Devoto Food Service Design: turnkey design

Our department dedicated to the complex universe of food and catering has been dealing with heterogeneous projects for years, from concept design of spaces to their realization. It also offers a consulting service for the development of graphics and corporate image. Finally, when required, is also able to offer advice in the food sector thanks to the collaboration with chefs and experts in the field.

Find out how the Devoto Food department can support you in the creation of evocative and identity-rich food projects as well as in the renovation and furnishing of a venue.

Remember that with respect to available budgets, it is possible to propose heterogeneous quality materials and finishes. Because, as our Architect Marianna Devoto often repeats:

WE CAN DESIGN IT…because we can make it happen.

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