Location | Roma
Date | 1999-2003
Client | Roscioli Hotels
Design |King Roselli Architetti

Hotel contract

Furnishing common areas and bedrooms, creating bespoke items and providing all the complements and accessories that complement the furnishings of a hotel: this is the Devoto Design interior contract.

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Newly built hotel near the train station ‘Termini’ in the heart of the district Esquilino, a central and multiethnic area of Rome. Devoto produced the interior furniture for the 240 rooms (different design style) and for the common areas. Among them: the foyer and the reception area, the library and the cafeteria, the two restaurants (Zest and Sette), the roof terrace with its pool, the conference room, the fitness center, the spa and wellness center. The style is contemporary with the addition of various materials and style solutions.

“For Devoto the realization of the ES Hotel has represented a total immersion into design and experimentation on the ‘tailor-made’ furnishing. Together with Riccardo and Jeremy (N. of A. – R. Roselli and J. King) we stepped over the canonical status of the hotel interiors, smoothly mixing materials and spaces with different solutions, always challenging. In the 240 rooms the bed element melts with the bathroom unit, and in the hotel common areas the fixed furniture creates dynamism and unusual visual perceptions. It is no coincidence that the ES Hotel has been a case of study for generations of architects and has travelled the world thanks to its polyhedric and unique image”
Claudio Devoto, CEO&Founder at DEVOTO

“For our firm, the Es Hotel has represented a fundamental step that let us put into place those ideas and that need of experimenting that we had been feeling for some time. With Devoto, and especially with Claudio, all this was possible. In him and in his company we found the right passion, involvement and delight for ‘outside of the box’ realizations, the same feelings we had for that kind of design.
We found a great ally in Claudio, the greatest support for our ideas – sometimes a little hasty, yes: the breathing desk, the bedroom that lies on a mahogany wood structure as glossy as a Riva motorboat, the walls in harmonious wood and a lot more. Thank you, Claudio!”
RiccardoArchitect, Partner&Founder at KING ROSELLI ARCHITETTI

Photo credit: Santi Caleca e Luigi Filetici, courtesy of KR King Roselli Architetti