Location | Capodichino International airport, Naples

Date | 2021

Client | Feudi di San Gregorio

Design | Devoto Design

From the entrepreneurial idea of Feudi di San Gregorio was born Marennà Assaggi, a project by Devoto Design. We took care of the concept design, from the consultancy on materials and the executive project to the turnkey delivery of the furnishing.
Marennà Assaggi is the spin-off of the main restaurant Marennà and is located in the International airport Capodichino, Naples. It is next to glazed walls and it takes up a wide space that offers passengers the possibility of having a full view of the restaurant. Passengers are hit by the presence of a long curving counter clad in vertical beechwood slats, rounded and painted in colour. Above the counter stands a structure in iron sheets and profiles, matt black painted. The same elements compose the back counter with its shelves, exposed and closed compartments.
Marennà Assaggi offers the possibility of a quick snack or coffee at the counter or delicious dishes made by chef Roberto Allocca to be enjoyed sitting at the table. You will find bespoke tables in Carrara marble or wood, Furlani chairs and Magis stools.
To complete the furnishing we have some perimeter matt-black-painted planters that help define the layout of the restaurant and imposing pillars clad in metal sheets and profiles that work as wine bottles displays, among the main products Feudi di San Gregorio sells.

Photo credit: courtesy of Feudi di San Gregorio