Location | Lake Como Design Festival

Date | 2023

Client | Naessi + Devoto Design

Design | Naessi

In occasion of the 2023 Lake Como Design festival Devoto Design and Naessi Studio presented a collection of design furniture called FÒLIA.

The main topic of this 5th edition of the festival is the work Naturalis Historia by Plinius the Elder. Inspired by it Naessi studio designed a collection of furniture that takes cue from the texture of the leaves and from the plant kingdom in general: the furniture is marked by a wavy and consistent surface obtained thanks to the technology and construction techniques that Devoto Design have been nurturing and mastering for years.

“The plant world is full of light and apparently fragile three-dimensional surfaces. FÒLIA, the research, stems from the desire to bring wood, a natural material, back to the organic form from which it comes. By merging traditional cabinetry processes with contemporary transformation methods such as thermoforming, we have obtained wavy surfaces in maple briar with a glossy finish. This is the basic material for the development of the first outputs of the FÒLIA Collection: two occasional tables and a console.“ (Naessi studio)

Photo credit: Eller studio