Location | Roma
Date | 2012 – 2018 – 2019
Client | Usi Unione Sanitaria Internazionale
Design | Studio Nervi Feliciangeli

U.S.I. has been operating successfully, representing excellence for about 60 years in the Italian healthcare sector. From the need to give quality to the workspace for employees and to express a high level of hospitality for patients, the owners’ input to renovate the interiors with a dedicated concept was born.

The spaces are immersed in a candid tone on tone in which white and beige alternate with elegance. The furnishings are designed ad hoc for U.S.I. and express the concepts of linearity and cleanliness with the use of technical materials such as DuPont Corian®, plastic laminates and powder-coated metal. The only element that deviates from this philosophy and assumes a pivotal role is the reception desk: a large faceted and decomposed volume, a sort of geodesic surface on an irregular plan, welcomes patients at the entrance to the centers, becoming an iconic presence. The front of the desk is made of resin and gelcoat and its multiple faces take on great three-dimensionality thanks to different surface treatments and colors.