Location | Latina
Date | 2014
Client | Elida Toson
Design | Arch. Orietta Rossi

To talk about the Elida Toson Carni company, we must go back to 1959, when the Toson family decided to go on the market: in fact, the commercial adventure of Elida Toson began in that year when she, only 12 years old, was involved in the family business established by the trade of alimentary genders. After a few years of this experience, the family decided to open the first store located in a room of their home in Latina. This first shop was followed by others that led the Toson family to be at the forefront of the food distribution sector in the city.
Architect Orietta Rossi took care of the design of the new store, relying on the experience of Grossimpianti who supplied the commercial components, which Devoto then covered in sandblasted wood. In addition, a false ceiling was created in the same essence and finally some counter furniture for the display cases and for the bread in black MDF, natural solid oak and beech. Most of the furnishings have been painted with a shabby finish.