Location | Roma
Date | 2013
Client | Privato
Design |Andrea Lupacchini Architetto

Tayim is a kosher restaurant in Rome designed by Andrea Lupacchini, inspired by the Torah and its food regulations. Nothing was left to chance in this project – from shapes to colours, to the number of the elements. The choice of materials and techniques verged on a refined selection: raw, consumed and rough materials like the sandblasted wood and the jute accompany clean and smooth surfaces in lacquered wood and DuPont™ Corian®. In some cases the combination occurred by tangency or without touching the floor nor the ceiling – the sensation you get is that of a crowded but light place. The white colour absorbs and dilates the space enriching, even more, the DuPont™ Corian® volumes of the reception desk equipped with food technologies and the pierced metal sheets hanging from the ceiling. The 80 panels hanging from the ceiling and differing for shape, thickness and material, float in the space like clouds in the sky and are connected to linear wooden beams that bear the lighting elements – all this creates a visually dynamic but at the same time balanced system.

Talking about Tayim, Andrea Lupacchini defined it as “ a magical, dynamic, amazing and strongly emotional place, able to reflect all the values of the Jewish cultural tradition at the same time”. 

Photo credit: courtesy of Andrea Lupacchini