Location | Rome
Date | 2019
Client | Capecchi spa
Design | Devoto Design

From Design to Build

Our experience in the fit-out world of food projects can help us develop the design of spaces dedicated to food. We can take care of the whole process, from the first design steps to the delivery of the custom-made furnishings. We can help you define and design your brand identity and deliver a turnkey project.

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Rosetta is a format created by Capecchi group for a fast food restaurant deeply linked to the tradition that turns something simple and essential as bread into a gourmet dish. Rosetta is a bread roll that can be found all over Italy, even though the name “Rosetta” is typical of Rome only, the city where Capecchi group comes from.

For the restyling of the brand, Capecchi asked Devoto Design to conceive and develop a new format that could launch the new chain.

Devoto Design took cues from the popular roots of this food and created a fun format that could activate empathy with the clients.

The first restaurant Devoto Design delivered is in Rome East mall.

The design is based on a visual impact and strong colors to catch the passerby’s attention. We created a “path” of tiles on the floor that climb up to the front side of the counter to guide the customers towards the stand. This décor winks at tradition but through contemporary colors, such as white and green.

The style of the whole stand is inspired by the traditional Roman boutiques where window and jamb used to belong to the same block. Instead of concrete, though, here we used green-colored MDF and green-painted metal. The same hue can be found on the consumers’ stalls. They’re placed next to the stand counter and are custom-shaped structures with an upper centring element made of matt powder-painted metal. At the center of this structure, like a rose window, a round display dedicated to communication where removable panels can be installed according to the ever-changing needs. Mid-height of the structure there is a natural oak wood top where customers can eat their Rosetta, properly sitting on red Biliani stools.

A determining role is played by the lighting element, a custom-made item inspired by the typical Italian village festivals that creates a gallery of lights.

Devoto design also designed the kitchens, back counter and working stations, for a complete turn-key service.