Location | Roma
Date | 2015-2017
Client | Chef Bowerman & Fabio Spada
Design | Andrea Lupacchini

Romeo Chef & Baker is the project conceived by chef Bowerman and Fabio Spada within the panorama of the Roman food world as an innovative but strongly inclusive idea. The entrepreneurial objective, in fact, is to bring pop and high-quality restaurant food closer together, telling the starred kitchen story of Cristina Bowerman through versatile and tailor-made proposals with respect to the target, time slot and food & beverage selection.
The space that houses the project is a unique architecture of its kind: an anti-aircraft bunker of giant proportions and with branched development on the slopes of the Aventine hill and located at the base of the Collina Degli Aranci. The location hosts more gastronomic identities that wind their way into one another without losing their own identity: Romeo, Giulietta and Frigo.
Romeo, the project’s trait-d’union, is made of extremely expressive interiors: suspended ceiling organic surfaces, texturized sheets with variable configurations, solid surface volumes to cover the entrance walls. Elements with material finishes and always changeable configurations accompany the three-dimensionality of the space with gallery section and exposed brick surfaces. The exposed MEP elements create branches and flows through which the spaces are developed, as well as the linear seating, the sommelier stations and the 25 meter long bench in raw iron determine the paths for the customers. In this project the materials and finishes are enhanced in a mix in line with the Romeo brand: the elements in wood, solid surface, glass and raw iron express the concepts of monolithic and vigor, the light textile surfaces in Lycra as well as the leather elements, instead, tell an idea of ​​softness and perfect hospitality for the food world.
Devoto Design has created these interiors managing the mix of materials, finishes and geometries designed for Romeo by architect Andrea Lupacchini.

Photo credit: Nicolò Sardo, courtesy of Andrea Lupacchini