Location | Roma
Date | 2011
Client | Fandango s.r.l.  – Civita servizi s.r.l.
Design | aMDL  Studio De Lucchi 

Studio AMDL (Michele De Lucchi) designed a multi-task environment for the publishing and film company Fandango in a 700s building in the heart of Rome. The project verged on the creation of a place for exhibitions and installations and where the Bookshop, the Literature Caféteria and the internal courtyard complete the reception area.
The name is symbolic: Palazzo Incontro (Meeting Palace) is a place of sharing, as the courtyard itself suggests, furnished with big social tables and differentiated seats, enriched by the big vertical garden cured by VerdeProfilo.

Interiors are dominated by oak wood. The bookcase, completely made of oak wood slats, holds more than 7000 books from different publishers. The open shelves are characterized by inclined sides, inclined back panels and plans, but they can be adjusted anyway. The section is inclined not only for an aesthetic reason but for better placement of the books. The directionality of the flows is given by the presence of low exhibition tables in the middle of the path and of high side exhibition pieces of furniture that complete the furnishing style together with the inclined bookcases.

The cafeteria is more technical and includes surfaces in Corian® DuPont™, back-lacquered glass walls and aluminum seats.
In the courtyard, the social tables with linear benches and the low tables are all made of oak wood and were built-to-drawing.

Photo credit: Devoto