Location | Roma
Date | 2016
Client | Luneur s.p.a.
Design | Devoto Design

Luneur, the famous theme park of Rome, is opening again with a new outfit and a completely restored image.

Inside the park, we find multitask places and theme food stations – every one of them is unique because is characterized by a specific topic and function.

The Candy Shop becomes fundamental in a space dedicated to children and fun as this park is. That’s why the concept rooted in the most famous images of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: bizarre proportions, a familiar taste and a mix of different styles and colours.

The result is a fairy-tale place with a pop taste, where moulded counters with solid wood tops, traditional tables with turned legs and “grandma’s cupboards” side with coloured and striped wallpapers, totems with glass bells and a black and white checked floor. In the background, there is a capitonné armchair, a mysterious chest and a “cake” table that recreate the place where the Mad Hatter and the March Hare have their tea.
From a technological point of view, the Candy Shop is nothing but a café. The internal shelves are in DuPont™ Corian® and every element was designed to hold the necessary food technologies: the coral-coloured cart with wooden lace hides the glass fridge, one of the cupboards hosts the self-service wall fridge while the counters and back counters hold refrigerators, coffee machines and so on.

The difference of age of the expected target (adults and children) brought to some choices that aim at a double parameter of ergonomics: the perimetral raised floor, for instance, lets the children walk at a higher quote compared to the floor, and gives them a global and open view of the place. With the same purpose, at the bottom of the candy cellar, we realized and put down two ladders to let the little ones access the shelves where the candy dispensers are.

The details complete the place: bell-shaped and upturned bucket-shaped lamps, a gigantic clock and striped walls make the customers dive into a unique atmosphere.
The outside was cured, matching the interiors, by Giò Forma, who looked after all the park.