Location | Roma
Date | 2010
Client | Laura Biagiotti
Design |Studio Lococo

The Laura Biagiotti brand has always given an image of elegance and lightness, suggesting a linear design, a choice of pale and embracing textile and the use of innovative materials. The project by Studio Lococo rooted in the recurring brand elements, using its typical white colour in different ways and weavings.

In this store, every surface is candid, from the glossy floor to the fake ceiling characterized by light cuts, from the white plaster walls to the ones that were covered with back-painted glass. The place looks like one fluid space flooded with light and rich in glares of different and continuous variations, according to the time of the day. The place is emphasized by several scenic elements, such as the mirrors in the transit passages that spread the light and show an unusual point of view or the back-painted walls that hold ultra-thin screens with running-in-loop images of fashion shows.

All the desks were made with Solid Surface and are free-standing, while the hanging systems, coming down from the ceiling, are linear and in glossy brass. The aery diffused light coming from the skylight roof is filtered by a sandwich of glass and textile (white linen actually), working as an amplifier and filter at the same time. The sculptural element of this place is finally given by the symbol of the famous ‘Roma’ fragrance by Laura Biagiotti: a Doric column realized in opalescent methacrylate that changes its colour according to where and when you look at it.

Photo credit: Zeno Colantoni