Location | Cisterna di Latina
Date | 2015-2016
Client | Rocco s.r.l.
Design |Devoto Design

The key position along via Appia and near the Oasis of Ninfa (heritage of UNESCO), halfway from the Roman Castles and the Pontine Plain, is the cornerstone of the project of Hotel degli Aranci.

In this Devoto Design project, the sequences that mark the pathway via Appia gave birth to the rhythm of the configurable modules that outline the space of the rooms. From the same source comes the chromatism of the hotel, where the Pompeian red of the signalman houses meets the green of the whole territory.

The choice of the interiors was clearly inspired by pop culture, with some particular care for functionality and essentiality and also for the typical customers – businesspeople.

The surfaces of the furniture consist of a textured laminate and a whitened oak finish, while all the upholstery elements are in faux leather, coloured according to the selected palette.

An uninterrupted horizon outlining a wainscot divides all the walls into two separate parts, marked by two different colours that also run along with the curtains and the doors, giving it a continuous effect.

Photo credit: Simona Strozzi