Location | Roma
Date | 2015-2017
Client | Chef Cristina Bowerman & Fabio Spada
Design | Andrea Lupacchini

Evocative location obtained from an air-raid shelter of World War II. This remarkably big place has got more souls inside: a pizzeria, a restaurant, a gelato shop, and a space for retail sales with bakery and gastronomy products. Bread is made in the big bakery situated underneath the Aventino hill. All the places actually unfold underneath this hill and the Orange Garden.

The entrance of the bakery is concealed by Frigo, the gelato shop obtained inside a gallery and characterized by white colour, including the hand-painted bricks and the furnishing elements made by Devoto Design, wholly in line with the style of the place.

A unifying element among the different souls is the presence of exposed systems.

Photo credit: Nicolò Sardo, courtesy of Andrea Lupacchini